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Finding the loans you need for either your real estates investment such as commercial real estate loans or residential ones, will be a challenge by just having to search for the perfect lender. And this is the same for any other type of credit you might need for your projects, cash flow, and several purposes be it personal ones or for your business.

This is why our team at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of West Palm Beach is the perfect solution for your needs.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of West Palm Beach-services

We offer a wide range of loans for real estate investors, future owner-occupants, any type of business, and we cover many other areas and situations as well as expenses.

Since we have been lending funds for over a decade now, we’re aware not loans at the same and thus, we have made sure to include as many as possible—and continue doing it—to guarantee you get the necessary funds.

With that said, our strength lies in the terms we offer lower interest rates, longer loan terms, 100% amortization in most cases, and we build the rest of the conditions based on your situation and project. Therefore, you can rest assured that all our services and loans will be the best ones you could get compared to traditional lenders like banks or insurances, or even other private lenders:

– Private money loans: accessing any of these loans will allow you to receive funds in a matter of days after approvement and all the terms and conditions are much more accessible compared to traditional loans from other lenders.

– Private funding loans: we help you to meet your cash flow needs and access more bankroll operations by providing the required funds to have enough capital and boost your business’s growth.

– Commercial mortgage loans: our team will work in providing the funds necessary to acquire a new commercial property for your business as well as offer fully amortized loans with long loan terms.

– Commercial real estate loans: you can access the credit only if you are a corporation or commercial entity trying to access enough funds to cover the purchase of its own premise.

– Hard money loans: credits focused on the collateral the borrower can offer instead of the credit score to purchase or invest in real estate properties. The difference with this loan is that it tends to last 12 months.

– Construction loans: available for companies or individuals that are trying to build a new residential or commercial property. As lenders, we work directly with the builders and you as the borrower in this loan.

– Multi-family loans: established for real estate investors or particulars to acquire properties with 2 to 5+ units for both residential and renting purposes.

– Mixed-use loans: we give investors and businesses the opportunity to acquire mixed-use properties—those with different purposes such as commercial or residential at once—by giving the required funds.

– Owner-occupied loans: we have special terms, conditions, and credits for people who are trying to acquire their own properties and reside in them instead of using them for rental purposes.

– Office building loans: our credit allows small and large businesses to finally own their offices and premises without having to fulfill many requirements as long as they occupy over 51% of the building.

– Medical office building loans: any medical company or business can request a credit that starts at $500,000 and goes up to around a million dollars. All this to help them to save money on rental expenses.

– Medical office loans: our team at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of West Palm Beach supports new doctors, those that want to start to practice, or have their own offices, by providing the required funds and good terms and conditions for it.

– Hotel loans: any hotel that is in need of renovations or requires more funds to continue operating, can access our credits under lower interest rates than usual and apply for large amounts of money.

– Operating lines of credit: you can access a specific amount of money anytime and wherever you want to repay it based on a fixed interest rate. It is very similar to having a personal credit card.

– Machinery and equipment loans: we help you to access all the equipment and items you need to continue operating or to renovate and boost your company’s growth.

– Condotel financing: you can access a condotel property to use as a residence but also, for rental purposes to have a passive income thanks to the funds we provide to several individuals.

– Commercial development loans: we will work close to you by providing the funds according to how the development of your loan progresses. This loan is very similar to a construction loan.

– Land development loans: our team will evaluate your project and make sure you’re able to access a loan to cover the cost of the land but also, its preparation for future construction or sale.

– Commercial construction financing: you can start working on your new construction to finally have your own commercial property since we will provide the funds to build the one you need from zero.

– Commercial land loans: we offer different types of loans to acquire the future land where your property will be built. They are available for any small businesses but also large ones since we allow you to access a loan starting at $500,000.

– Warehouse loans: we can take your inventory—or part of it—as collateral so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to finance the loan requested. If you are unable to repay, we will sell the goods.

– Warehouse facility finance: if you need more space for your inventory or products, we can take part of them for you to access extra funds to purchase or rent a new warehouse facility for your business.

– Industrial loans: available for any business or industry that requires funds to continue operating and maintain or improve the cash flow.

– Commercial and industrial loans: if you have new projects, plans for acquisition, purchase new properties, or maintain cash flow, we have these loans available for businesses regardless of their industry.

C&I loan: we offer better terms, requirements, and interest rates in every commercial and industrial loan compared to other lenders such as banks and insurances, which allows you to access more funds and qualify for the required loan for any project you have in mind.

– Commercial lenders: you can access your loan thanks to the different lenders we can help you to contact, and also, we can offer you any commercial loan you are aiming for with the lowest interest rates.

– Commercial mortgage brokers: our team will allow you to access hundreds of lenders that will allow you to finally find the perfect one for your needs and get the funds with the best terms and conditions in the final agreement.

– Million-dollar business loan: if you need to acquire a new property, go for a real estate investment, or focus on another large project, we can give you up to a million dollars in a loan if you meet all our requirements.

– $1 million-dollar unsecured loan: our clients can rely on their credit score if good or excellent, to access this large amount of money without having to provide any collateral.

How to qualify for a 2 million dollar loan: we request the credit score, financial record—personal and commercial—, and collateral that can meet the amount of loan you’re requesting plus knowing your annual revenue.

How to access our services

It is as simple as contacting us and letting our team know what service or loan you need. The best part about having us as your lenders is that you can rest assured there’s more flexibility for repayment and affordable rates that allow you to request one without fear.

Every single one of our services aims for the project, needs, and situation of the borrower, which means we take seriously the task of working around what you will be needing besides considering our gain.

We are available in the entire Palm Beach County where our experts will be more than happy to review your application.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.