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The real estate industry is more than investing in residential or commercial property. Instead, you can invest your capital in large apartment buildings and multiunit properties but the difference will be the type of loan you will need since for the latest options, multifamily loans are the right ones. 

Most people, even real estate investors, are used to traditional credits that are requested to purchase their homes or own premises once and for all. But for those that are looking at real estate as a sustainable career or, at least, aiming to make it one, need to understand the importance of choosing the right credits according to the investment. 

Multifamily loans-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of West Palm Beach

For common residential properties, you always need traditional credits which consist of applying for the amount you need or part of it and repay it in a specific number of years agreed with the lender. Meanwhile, other situations where you need the money as fast as possible require a hard money loan; and this goes on depending on the property you are acquiring. 

Now, where do multifamily loans enter here? As we mentioned before, as a real estate investor, you can also go for multiunit properties or large apartment buildings that have more than a couple of extra units. The benefit of investing in this type of property instead of individual ones is that you can make more out of them without relying on resales. 

Instead, you can take one unit for yourself and rent the rest without having to make too many renovations—most of the time—to have your income.  However, going for them definitely requires a loan for either first-time investors or those that have been in the industry for a while. Even if you have the capital for it, going for such big investments with your own money can end up in disaster if it takes too long for it to return. Therefore, the best option is to access a credit that allows you to purchase the property and prepare it for your long-term investment. 

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Here’s exactly where the main credits we want to discuss take part since they are only for the acquisition of these multi-unit properties. However, acquiring them from traditional institutions like banks, insurances, pension funds, and similar ones, can lead to several debts and high-interest rates. Although all of them give usually enough time to repay the credit, it is hard to actually have an income from renting the rest of the units due to the interest rates you have to pay for the loan. 

This is what led most real estate investors to rely on private credits that offer better interest rates and opportunities to have your loan approved without too many requirements in the process. At Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of West Palm Beach, we are able to offer you different types of multifamily loans that can cover properties with either 2 to 3 units, or over 5 units. The one you require will depend on the property you are planning to acquire and the plans you have for it as an investment. 

Is it worth investing in multi-unit properties by using multifamily loans?

We strongly believe that every real estate investor has different plans and goals in mind. As a result, it is hard to determine what is better or worse for every person in the industry or that plans to build a career in it. However, a general answer would be: yes, they are worth investing in since you can have income while paying for your loan and also, a place to live. 

Most real estate investors that decide to go for multi-units are thinking about the main 3 benefits: 

  1. They get to occupy a unit, which means there’s no need to worry about rental expenses. 
  2. The loan tends to pay itself with the income from one or more tenants.
  3. Have additional income that is useful for personal expenses. 

Now, the fact that the properties are worth investing in doesn’t mean the type of credit is also worth it. But this is one of those cases when even if you will deal with higher interest rates, you still notice the benefits of the loan. Multifamily loan rates are higher than standard or traditional credits due to the type of investment and the specific property that is going to be acquired. 

However, when you consider the benefits of having income from tenants and the fact it usually allows you to repay the loan while also having for your expenses and even savings, you can determine it is a good investment option. Our team at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of West Palm Beach will make it even easier for you to go for this project since we are able to cover your needs when it comes to credits. 
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How will the multifamily loan work? 

It is similar to if you were applying for a credit to purchase a single-family home, but you will have higher interest rates and usually, more time to repay it. Most credits of this category give up to 30-40 years for repayment. However, many lenders decide to increase the interest rates the longer you take to pay the entire credit. 

Although this is in most cases, this is not how we work. We want you to access the loan you need for your project, which is why you can obtain it without a long list of requirements but rather just common documentation, the interest rates are indeed higher than regular ones, but we maintain them regardless of the time we agree for its repayment. We are very flexible about the options we can give you as lenders and our goal is to also build a relationship with you. 

After all, the loan won’t get pay in a few days, weeks, or months. Therefore, building a relationship based on trust and well-established conditions is what we aim for. With that said, we don’t have limitations about the type of multi-unit property you can purchase, but we do have different types of options inside the same loan category depending on how many units it has. This is why you need to let us know basic information about the property you are considering and your capacity to not only repay the total amount but rather being able to maintain and perform services in your real estate to preserve its value or even increase it. 

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